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Veeam Availability Suite

Bring greater control to your organisation’s IT environment with Veeam Availability Suite from Carden IT. Providing powerful monitoring, reporting and alerting tools, Veeam Availability Suite gives a high-level view of your data.

For example:
  • Veeam’s monitoring tools gather data in real-time from both cloud-based virtual servers and backup repositories.

  • This data is collated and analysed with the resulting insights presented to you through an easy-to-use web interface, providing a detailed analysis of your IT infrastructure.

The Veeam interface offers an array of features, including:
  • All Virtual Machines are monitored to diagnose their present condition – based upon available storage, CPU and memory usage and other key rubrics.

  • Make use of pre-set alarms for over 200 key metrics, alerting you to failed or incomplete backups, directory faults, storage capacity and many more business-critical functions.

  • Understand your data with detailed reports, offering complete overview of your business’ IT structure and resource use through easy to read charts.

  • Forecast and plan your business’ next important IT decision, from new purchases to upgrades, by using data on current and past resource demand.

  • The option to make separate secure groups for separate teams or departments to study the efficiency of just their systems.

  • Advanced data diagnostics with the ability to identify potential issues with your infrastructure in real-time.

  • The option to build custom reports.

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