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Protection from viruses should form the bedrock of any company’s IT policy. Viruses are not only inconvenient and time consuming to deal with, they may lead to breaches of user data that will permanently damage the reputation and standing of any business. We recommend all our clients utilise the full suite of protection offered by Trend Micro Internet Security.

Carden IT is an official partner of Trend Micro. Trend’s advanced scanning architecture is regularly updated, meaning that you stay protected from the estimated 300 million new viruses that appear online every year.

The features of Trend Micro include:

  • Blocking connections to dangerous websites.

  • Preventing downloads of potentially malicious code.

  • Firewall booster.

  • Advanced password manager (compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices).

  • Wide-ranging virus removal and deletion of potentially harmful applications and files.

  • Corrupted system file repairs.

  • Trend’s Folder Shield tool to protect specified folders from external threats such as ransomware.

  • Automated scanning of files supported by Trend’s expansive database of known online threats.

  • Limiting access to external devices (such as external hard drive and USB sticks).

  • Stopping the installation of unwanted or unknown applications.

  • Risk monitoring for social networks (including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

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