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Mimecast Enterprise Information Archive


As an organisation grows, the amount of data it needs to retain of grows with it. The ability to retrieve messages easily while keeping storage requirements low is paramount to many companies’ success.

Mimecast Cloud Archive is the ideal solution for organisations looking to reduce their storage needs and have all emails ever sent to and from the business accessible to its entire workforce through any internet connected device – all while complying with relevant data protection legislation and regulation.

As a trusted partner of Mimecast, Carden IT can offer you the Mimecast Enterprise Information Archive, providing your business with all its features, including:

Why Choose Mimecast Enterprise Information Archive?

Mimecast’s Enterprise Information Archive is easily integrated with a wide array of leading email services including Microsoft Exchange, G Suite, and Office 365. In real-time, it tracks, records, and retains all critical inbound and outbound emails that traverse your servers.

Easy to set up and scalable to the size of your business, Mimecast Enterprise Information Archive features:

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