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Microsoft Azure

Technology moves at a faster pace than ever, with technology quickly becoming insufficient or falling out of its update cycle. Migrating to cloud computing to providers such as Microsoft Azure ensures you are permanently at the cutting-edge of enterprise-grade computing.

Scalable and with lower overheads than on-site IT infrastructure, cloud computing allows you to compete at the level of some of the world’s largest companies.

Microsoft Azure Deployment

With a huge network of data centres in over 100 locations globally Microsoft’s Azure is an industry leading IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Users can access this through the internet and utilise it for a large range of uses, including:

  • Development.

  • Testing.

  • Hosting websites.

  • Data backup.

  • Deploying mobile and web applications.

  • Data analysis (through Azure’s inbuilt analytics)

  • Deploying software across your network.

Guiding You Through

Our first step will be to carry out a thorough analysis and evaluation of the current state of your IT infrastructure (including servers, operating systems, software), identifying flaws or gaps that could be rectified by moving to a could environment such as Microsoft Azure. If you decide that Microsoft Azure is the best cloud solution for you, we can then:

  • Determine which elements of your infrastructure are business-critical.

  • Investigate whether you would be best served by a cloud-hosted infrastructure or a hybrid-infrastructure (a mixture of cloud and on-site servers).

  • Advise on the best approach to migration and agree upon a schedule that causes the least disruption to your day-to-day operations.


How You Benefit From Azure IaaS

Azure systems provide:

  • Near unlimited server capacity

  • Integration with almost all Microsoft applications including Office365, Dynamics and Sharepoint.

  • Low latency.

  • Highly reliable service.

  • Threat protection to keep you, your data and your users safe.

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