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Data security is paramount to safeguard a modern organisation. The financial and reputational damage that can occur as a result of a data breach can be catastrophic for many businesses. No business, big or small is safe from attack and one only needs to look the WannaCry ransomware attack in 2017, which affected over 300,000 computers and brought institutions as large as the NHS to a standstill for several days, to see the scale of damage that can be caused.

Types of Network Security

Access control – Restricts which users can access certain systems and data. This stops unauthorised access and helps prevent data breaches.

Antivirus, malware protections, and ransomware protection – prevent your network from being infected by malicious software.

Application security – Ensures that all applications being used by your business are kept up to date and that access to them is secured.

Data loss prevention – Stops employees sharing sensitive data outside your network, whether on purpose or by accident.

Firewalls – These serve as a gatekeeper between your network and the wider internet, allowing approved connections and preventing blocked or suspicious ones.

Threat Prevention

To combat the growing number of cybersecurity threats, Carden IT’s network security combines multiple layers of defence, each with its own controls and policies. This allows authorized users to still have their required access whist preventing malicious actors from gaining a foothold within your network.

Working as an extension of your own workforce, our team proactively monitors your systems for signs of attack. By partnering with Carden IT, you get the confidence to make vital network security decisions and knowledge to help craft your company’s security strategy.

As part of our comprehensive network security packages, we offer:


Why is network security important for business?

Network security is vital for the protection of a business’s IT infrastructure. There are 1000s of new online threats discovered every day, in addition to the risk from rival businesses, disgruntled ex-employees, and hackers. Without adequate network protection you cannot guarantee the security of your systems, your data, or your customers’ data.

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