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Web Security Services

Make sure that your employees, customers, and data are protected from a multitude of online threats by utilising Carden IT’s Web Security Services.

By utilising a vast network of international data centres to detect and mitigate online threats we are able to:
  • Provide secure web browsing.

  • Automatically detect and block suspicious domains.

  • User authorisation across all apps and services

  • Categorise URLs by authority and credibility.

  • Build custom blacklists and whitelists.

  • Ringfence potentially risky sites, allowing internal users to access them without compromising the wider network’s security.

  • Protect your organisation from data breaches and data losses, integrating with over 60+ cloud platforms including Salesforce, Office365 and Dropbox.

Why Choose Carden?

  • Get first-class security while maintaining peak performance.

  • Set up in 24 hours.

  • Full control for your administrators to configure and adjust security policies.

  • Stay secure on all devices, desktop, laptop and mobile.

  • We work to ensure your continued compliance all your industry’s specific regulations and legislation – including GDPR.

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