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Virtual Server Hosting

The ability to easily share and store data form the backbone of many modern businesses’ day-to-day operations and doing so through a dedicated server offers reliable speed and security.

To accomplish this, in house servers are the obvious choice but the installation costs, upkeep and physical space required can make this unrealistic for all but the biggest companies.

A more manageable solution for most organisations if to rent space within a cloud infrastructure. This is known as Virtual Server Hosting.

Custom Storage

Scalable and cost-effective, virtual server hosting offers all the storage benefits of an on-site server at a much lower cost.

Carden IT manages the physical infrastructure of the server, from power supply and cooling to both the physical and virtual security to maintain its peak performance.

Benefits of Virtual Server Hosting

  • Up and running within two weeks

  • Reduce spending on utilities, staffing, maintenance and repair costs

  • Highly scalable

  • Servers housed at a secure site, monitored 24/7 by CCTV.

What Carden IT Can Do For You

  • Regular reports on the performance and security of your systems.

  • Automated alerts if you are close to your current maximum capacity.

  • Comprehensive disaster recovery.

  • Failsafe backups.

  • Uptime guarantees for business-critical services.

  • Fully trained technical support team.

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