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Message Archiving

Modern businesses are more reliant on email than ever before. However, many important messages are now being lost as the storage space required has grown.

By automatically capturing your emails and storing them on the cloud, a Message Archiving Solution from Carden IT will help to organise and streamline the retention of business-critical communications in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

The easy-to-use storage and recovery platform allows you and your team to recover stored emails quickly as and when they are needed, offering features such as:
  • Compression technology: The overall storage space used by email (and their attachments) is greatly reduced.

  • Duplicate detection: Anti-duplication filters detect duplicate emails and delete them, maximising your available storage by only retaining a single copy of each email.

  • Choose what you archive: Determine policies for your organisation’s retention and deletion of emails. Filter by keywords (subject line or body), attachment type or flag.

  • Once archived, your stored emails cannot be edited. This ensures your records are always accurate.

  • Integration with Microsoft services, automatically archiving emails straight from your inbox.

  • Search and filtering: Easily search your full archive of stored emails and filter by sender, recipient, subject, body, attachment type, date or keyword.

The Benefits

  • Comply with your sector’s relevant regulation and legislation.

  • Improve the performance of your server by greatly reducing your storage requirements.

  • Save countless man hours spent manually backing up emails.

  • Recover emails when needed with a single click.

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