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Wireless Hotspot System


WIFI is one of the most requested amenities from customers of every business, and a lack of it will often be at the top of any negative review.

A fast and reliable wireless hotspot can increase your business’ footfall and keep your customers both engaged and happy while offering you a channel for collecting customer data and promoting your brand.

Carden Hotspots can conduct a site survey and then install wireless access points to give your premises complete coverage while giving you complete control of who has access and for how long.

Our wireless hotspots are compatible with a large range of existing WIFI hardware and come with a full suite of management tools including:
  • The capacity to manage user sessions, track your connection speed and performance, reallocate bandwidth and manage who has access through a cloud-based web interface that.

  • The ability to design a custom guest portal with your own logo, branding, content and special offers.

  • Social media integration, helping to promote your business whilst collecting social media data (while complying with relevant regulations)

  • Customisable authentication methods to fit your business’ needs, such as; social media sign-in, credit card log-in and voucher based or SMS authentication

  • Advanced content moderation filters to control which sites and services are accessible from your network

  • Set time limits for users – no more “customers” buying a single coffee and spending 8 hours on your WIFI!

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