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Mimecast Sync and Recover - Office 365 Backup

Many companies are unsure of the distinction between an email archive and an email backup as both involve stored copies of email data.

Simply put, an archive is for searching and discovering relevant data whereas a backup is deigned to restore data in the event that a recovery is needed. To this end, different systems and solutions are required for each.

Carden IT can provide Mimecast Sync and Recover to all Mimecast Archiver customers, enabling recovery in situation where email data has become unusable because of factors such as corruption or deletion.

Mimecast Sync and Recover allows for data to be recovered from a specific point in time. Although Office 365 provides its own backup, designed to be used in the event of a disaster (such as a natural disaster or a power or infrastructure failure), this is not always enough protection, because:

  • Backups can be accidentally deleted from the network.

  • If data recovery is urgent, Mimecast’s backup can be accessed instantly.

  • Businesses on hybrid environments, such as those using on-premises servers in addition to cloud-cased Microsoft services cannot be fully secured through Office 365.

  • Ransomware and Malware attacks can render data unusable.

Comprehensive Protection

At Carden IT, we know that a modern business with a first-class cloud-based IT infrastructure needs first-class data protection to match. The features of Sync and Recover include:

Automated Backups:
  • Real-time daily snapshots of your organisation’s key applications, including Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Calendar.

  • Emails and their attachments are stored in their original folder structure, allowing for a recovery to be completed quicker with no time spent reorganising files.

  • Restore whole mailboxes and user accounts, retaining their original structure.

  • Advanced capabilities for search and retrieval of data.

  • Unlimited storage capacity.

  • AES encryption for stored data.

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