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Mimecast Email Security


Email is at the heart of most modern companies’ operations, making it a prime target for malware, viruses, ransomware and phishing scams. Comprehensive IT security is vital for the survival and success of businesses of all sizes. Insufficient email security can lead to data breaches, reduced productivity and lost revenue.

Carden IT offers an industry leading service to protect your business from these threats.

Mimecast Email Security

Mimecast is a cloud-based email management system, offering wide-ranging protection against spam, viruses and phishing attempts.

Features include:
  • Enterprise level spam filters: Protection from incoming spam and prevention of spam/viruses being sent from your servers.

  • Industry leading antivirus scanning applied to all inbound and outbound attachments.

  • Encryption of sensitive data

  • Sandboxing: Attachments are tested in a closed, virtualised environment before being delivered to your inbox.

  • Domain name validation and anti-spoofing technology to protect from targeted phishing attacks.

  • Real-time threat analysis delivered through the cloud.

  • Domain similarity protection prevents attackers from impersonating your organisation or its partners.

  • A single cloud-based portal for managing email security across your organisation.

Mimecast protects your business and its customers from a wide-array of internet threats, based in London and offering cutting-edge email protection designed in part by Mimecast Chief Scientist Nathaniel Borenstein, the original creator of email attachments.

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