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Cisco Umbrella – Ransomware Defence


Ransomware can be crippling to both the day-to-day operations of a company and its reputation.

Cisco Umbrella’s ransomware defence protects your business using cloud-based DNS and IP layer enforcement to stop threats before they reach your network.


Why Choose Cisco Umbrella?

Block infections before they ever occur

For ransomware to infect your systems a connection must be made between your network and the attacker’s IP address. To combat this, Cisco keeps an expansive and regularly updated list of all known malicious IP addresses and blocks any attempts to connect to them.

Cisco Ransomware Umbrella prevents infection by stopping your network connecting to the attacker’s IP at the DNS level. By blocking these attempts prior to resolution, the threat is neutralised before a connection is ever made to your network.
Prevent the theft of your sensitive data

If a machine on your network has already been infected, Cisco’s systems will still block connection to the attacker’s IP, meaning that they will be unable to extract business-critical data from your servers or activate the ransomware’s encryption.
Cloud Based Security

By leveraging the power of the cloud, you can stay constantly protected in an ever-changing landscape of threats. Cisco’s advanced statistical models allow them to identify IP addresses that they believe have a high probability of being malicious. Because you are connected to a cloud system the knowledge gained from attacks on organisations of all sizes, around the world, will be used to keep your business safe.

How We Can Help

Carden IT Services can help to both set up and configure Cisco Umbrella’s ransomware services for you. As well as blocking malicious IP addresses we can also configure it to block IP’s related to undesired categories such as gambling, terrorism or nudity.

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