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What Is Cybersecurity?

Everything involved in protecting your network from cyber-attacks falls under the umbrella of cybersecurity. This involves creating new processes, restricting access to sensitive data, teaching your team security best practices and implementing software and hardware solutions.

Cybersecurity starts with the user, ensuring that each is aware of the dangers and remedies to keep their system secure. Endpoint protection is the next step, protecting individual computers. The security of the whole network and infrastructure should be addressed, as well as limiting access to any cloud services you utilise.

While viruses and ransomware are well-known, there are other sorts of cyber-attacks to be aware of. An attacker, for example, may intercept invoices and forward them to your client using their own bank details. Other cyber-criminals may take your customers’ information and sell it on the dark web. Because new cyber dangers emerge on a regular basis, it is critical to adopt a proactive approach to your cybersecurity.

Why Is Cybersecurity Important For Your Business?

Cybersecurity risks are becoming a more serious danger to organisations every day and attackers’ tactics are becoming even more sophisticated. As a result, competent, proactive cybersecurity is more necessary than ever before for your business.

Businesses lose billions each year due to ransomware attacks in missed income and recovery expenses, and that is before you include reputational harm and possible lost future earnings. A significant data breach or ransomware assault can be enough to drive many small to medium-sized firms out of business. According to recent research, 60% of firms collapse within a year of a significant ransomware attack or data breach.

In addition to securing your personal data, failing to protect your clients’ data may put you at risk of legal action and many types of company insurance require you to have sufficient cybersecurity protections.

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Carden IT Services have Cyber Essentials certification from the UK government and can help your business become compliant and achieve their own certification.

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme to certify that businesses of any size have taken adequate steps to protect themselves from cyber threats.

What Are the Benefits?

Certification not only shows customers and partners that you take cybersecurity seriously, it is also a essential if you’re looking to win government contracts.

How Can My Business Get Certified?

There are five key areas relating to your data security and regulated access to your systems. Carden IT Services can help you reach compliance in all five.

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IT Security Experts

Why Work With
Carden IT Services?

Carden IT Services has extensive expertise offering cyber-defence services to organisations of all kinds, ensuring that your company network, employees and data are fully protected.

Carden IT Services offers a proactive cyber-defence service rather than waiting for things to go wrong. We are continuously monitoring, auditing and alerting you to any suspicious activity or access requests on your network, as well as conducting testing and cybersecurity drills, teaching your employees best practices, and studying the newest cyber threats.

Carden IT Services has considerable experience in the cybersecurity sector and we offer a complete solution that protects all parts of your corporate technology stack, from cloud services access, to network infrastructure, down to the individual user’s machines.

For expert cyber-defences you can rely on, choose Carden IT Services as your managed IT partner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cybersecurity and how is it managed?

All facets of security that are related to your IT are referred to as cybersecurity. This includes software, hardware and operational approaches that can aid in the protection of your IT systems and data. Software protections might include services such as ransomware protection, hardware protections could include devices such as physical firewalls, and operational safeguards could include user access restrictions and user logs.

What are cyber defence services?

A managed services provider’s cyber defence service includes everything from the setup and configuration of hardware and software cyber defences like ransomware protection and firewalls to staff training, network monitoring, and endpoint safeguards. Carden IT Services provides a comprehensive cyber-defence solution.

Do you provide ransomware protection?

Yes, we provide advanced ransomware protection at Carden IT Services. This includes proactive network monitoring, sophisticated threat identification and the implementation of the most up-to-date ransomware defences. We also provide employee training to help prevent your systems from being compromised by accident, as well as disaster recovery to help you recover from ransomware attacks.

Do you provide a monthly security audit?

We take your security seriously and conduct regular security assessments for all of our clients. We don’t stop there though. We take a proactive approach to cybersecurity and provide network security monitoring around the clock, as well as automatic warnings for suspicious behaviour, application whitelisting, team training, access control and other cyber-defence services.

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a UK government scheme, operated through the National Cyber Security Centre. Cyber Essentials accreditation certifies that a business or organisation has met the requirements of set out in the guidelines in order to help protect themselves against common online security threats. A Cyber Essentials accreditation is a requirement for businesses which are bidding for UK government contracts involving the handling of sensitive data.

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