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Email is essential for almost all businesses. But this ubiquity also makes it the most common attack vector for malicious actors trying to gain access to your network. Ranging from widely disseminated ‘spam’ emails to hyper-focused ‘spear phishing’ attacks aimed at senior staff.

Security Essentials

Protection of your email should be paramount for all businesses, regardless of size. Through a combination of inbound filtering, virus scanning and cloud-based threat detection we provide you with the ultimate in email security.

In addition to enterprise-grade cyber defences, we also provide email archiving, keeping your emails secure in a tamper-proof digital archive that can be adjusted to match your organisation’s retention policy.

By partnering with Carden IT, you gain confidence in the security and safety of your email. Freeing you up to spend more time on the parts of the business that you are passionate about.

As part of our comprehensive email defence packages, we offer:

  • Message Archiving
  • Mimecast Sync and Recover
  • Mimecast Archiver
  • Mimecast Email Security


How do you keep my email secure?

Carden keeps your emails secure using a combination of email security services, employee training, and wider IT infrastructure security measures which prevent threats from spreading to other parts of your network if your email system is ever compromised.

What type of email security services do Carden IT Services provide?

Spam filters, anti-virus protection, and encryption are all email security service which Carden IT provide. We also can provide you with additional email protection services, such as the ability to open suspicious attachments in a “sandboxed” online environment away from your company network. We can also provide email security training to your team and test their defences with fake phishing emails.

Keep your emails safe

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