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The ability for companies to transfer business-critical data and even parts of their IT infrastructure itself to hosted cloud services have opened up a range of possibilities. New methods of working, like a whole team collaborating on a single document in real time or staff in different locations working together seamlessly, would not have been possible before the advent of cloud computing. 

However, this increased convenience has also led to an increase in risk. When only the people physically in your office could access your data, it was much easier to regulate and monitor who was accessing which datawhy and when. Now that that data is hosted in the cloud, it can in theory be accessed on any device, anywhere in the world. This has made securing your data and IT infrastructure in the cloud incredibly important for any business which takes their security seriously.

How Can Carden IT Services Help?

While cloud vendors are responsible for the security of their cloud platforms, users of the cloud are responsible for the security of their data in the cloud. Essentially, if someone finds out your password and leaks the data from the cloud, it is your responsibility and not the cloud vendor’s. 

Luckily, at Carden IT Services we’re not just cloud service experts, we’re cyber-defence experts too! We can help you set up your cloud environment with a security-first posture. 

If you would like to improve the security of your data in the cloud, here are some of the methods we use to defend your cloud platform of choice:

1. 2FA

2FA stands for Two-Factor Authentication, it refers to using a secondary piece of information in addition to your standard username/email combination in order to gain access to your data. An example of this would be having to enter a code sent in a text to your phone number after entering your password. With 2FA in place, an attacker would need your username and password but also need physical access to your phone in order to gain access to your data. 

2. Strong Passwords

Just because an attacker would need more than just your password to gain access, it doesn’t mean that the password can be anything. It is still important to make your password as strong as possible. Carden IT Services can help to set up a password manager for you (such as LastPass or 1Password), this can help to automatically generate strong passwords for you and securely store them.

3. Restricting Access by IP

Many of the security problems associated with cloud services can be avoided by limiting access to only known and trusted IP addresses. Although your office will most likely have business broadband and therefore a static IP address, many home users will not, and will therefore need to use a VPN to access your cloud services.

These are just some of the methods we use to secure your data in the cloud. If you are worried about the security of your cloud services or are yet to make the leap into the world of cloud technology – speak to a member of our team today who will be happy to provide a free assessment of your business’s IT and cyber-defences.

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