Cyber Essentials Certificate

Cyber Essentials Certification – Your Questions Answered

In 2014 the UK government launched the Cyber Essentials scheme. This is a certification which asserts that companies who have qualified for Cyber Essentials are meeting the minimum required standards to be considered cyber secure.

There is absolutely no doubt that number and frequency of cyber-attacks is on the rise, and fast. With a Cyber Essentials certification, you can rest assured that you have completed all the recommended steps to offset the risk of a cyber-attack on your business.

Office 365 MFA

Microsoft Office 365 Multi Factor Authentication – Your Questions Answered

Multi Factor Authenticator (MFA), sometimes referred to as 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), is a method of providing different forms of authentication methods towards a service, usually an online public facing one. You may however also find these on internal systems. Enabling MFA on your Office 365 tenant is a must, and you should do this TODAY.

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