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Ad Hoc Support

Simple IT issues can turn into IT disasters and cause serious damage to the service level and reputation of a company. Smaller businesses often do not need the utility of a full time IT support contract as their IT issues are less complex and more sporadic, but many of them have not considered the need for emergency cover.

This is where we can help. Whether your organisation has an existing contract with us or not we can provide you with the same level of technical expertise and advanced hardware and software to address one-off IT issues or projects.

Carden IT Pay-As-You-Go Services

If you have an urgent and unexpected IT issue and do not have an ongoing contract with Carden IT you are able to use our support services on an ad hoc basis.

How It Works

To register for our ad-hoc support you can contact us by either calling our helpdesk phone line or raising a support ticket through our support portal.

One of our support staff will be assigned to your case and will be available to offer both chat support or provide manual assistance through a remote access tool.

These services are changed on a per-minute basis, at a flat rate.



Need help diagnosing issues with a piece of software or hardware? We offer expert advice on a large variety of products and services, from consumer to enterprise-grade, both digital and physical. We can also offer troubleshooting for any ongoing issues with devices and systems.

Connectivity Issues

Slow speeds? Intermittent connection? We can help to diagnose problems with internet connectivity and implement solutions to resolve any issues found.


Slow computers? Constant error messages? Crashing applications? We can help to diagnose issues on either a single machine or across your entire network and then implement solutions to restore the speed and functionality of all your devices.

Virus and Malware Removal

Viruses, ransomware and malware can seriously hinder day-to-day operation for your business as well as leaving your network vulnerable to attackers and putting your confidential information at risk of being stolen. We work to remove these threats and restore your systems to their previous operating capacity. Our process includes, diagnostics and system scans to determine the malware present, virus removal and repairing/updating your firewall or antivirus systems.

Phone and Tablet Support

Mobile devices, when utilised properly, can bring flexibility to your workplace and reduce overheads. We can help to connect new mobile devices (smartphones, tablets), adding them to your network, setting up data backups and configuring security setting. We can also offer troubleshooting for any ongoing issues with mobile devices.

Regular Contracts

Although our Ad-Hoc services are available to businesses of any size we recommend that any organisation that is encountering persistent IT issues or for whom downtime would critically affect their business consider an ongoing support contract.

You can learn more about our different support plans here.

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