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Carden IT Services becomes Carden IT Group



Established in 2009 by Dave King and Jeremy Huson, Carden IT Services (formerly Carden Computers) has grown from strength to strength. Our business objectives have always remained the same throughout, to provide transparent outsourced IT service to SMEs throughout the UK, cutting costs for our clients while increasing the use of technology to streamline business processes. This often means businesses save money not just through IT costs, but also by cutting out a lot of manual processes using the technology solutions we provide.

Times have changed since 2009, and so has our business. Many solutions such as telecoms and print become an IT task rather than a traditional telephone companies. For a number of years, we have provided telecoms, but now feel that this service needs to be more obvious to our clients. Likewise, we would like our clients to have a clearer picture on their invoices, moving away from IT and telecoms being under one hat. We also had the birth of our office in New York City to consider in this next strategy move.

Welcome to Carden IT Group

Carden IT Group is now the holding company for our existing infrastructure, as well as a brand new set of companies, all run by the same team, providing the same great service but now providing an clearer insight. Our team can be
found here.

Carden IT Services Limited

The name you already know, providing all the services you have become accompanied to. On-premise, cloud solutions and disaster recovery are the solutions our technical team get excited about. A move to the cloud is always a slow process and planning is the key to success. Over this time many companies will find their budgets moving away from capital outlays to more subscription-based models, which can be daunting. But we are holding your hand every step of the way.

Carden IT Services LLC

With our success in the UK, we simply decided to replicate this elsewhere. And where bigger than New York! Our services in the UK were simply cloned, as was our success. Jeremy Huson leads the team here and growth is exceeding all our expectations. We look to continue this into the future.

Carden Telecoms Limited

Our telecoms services have been running for several years, but we simply haven’t shouted about it. Until now, our communication solutions have been supplied to clients of our IT services as part of our cost cutting and streamlining process. We supply several cloud telecoms solutions, as well as on-premise using SIP, as companies have a 2025 deadline to move away from ISDN.

Billing is a huge part of our business, and often clients just move their lines and calls to us to save money. We will analyse your bill free of charge and see if we can cut costs by cheaper rates or tariffs that are more suited to your business.

A huge part of our telecoms service portfolio is internet connectivity. From standard ADSL in rural areas, to fibre and leased lines, we supply everything a company may require getting online.

Carden Managed Print Limited

A new line of business for us, as we were getting so many enquiries that we were turning away, often with clients asking why we cannot provide this as it would be great if they had one port of call. We supply photocopiers either purchase or leased, printers and toners to companies of any size, with any requirement. We can supply machines from a number of vendors including Xerox, Canon and Sharp and can match or beat any written quotation.

Carden Hotspots Limited

Another new line of business for us, over the years we have continuously been referred from hotel to hotel for wireless services as the equipment we provide is so reliable. We have, on a regular basis cut hotels issues down from multiple calls per day to their provider to one or two a month, just by swapping out cheap old access points for new enterprise ones. As part of this, more or more requests for managed access have been requested, such as welcome screens, tokens for limiting time (coffee shops etc) and sharing on social media. As this grew and grew, we have decided to develop this further by offering to supply the equipment on subscription, with our access to our managed portal.

Carden Digital Limited

Many years ago we used to offer website design and SEO as part of our services. Sadly, when one of our young team members suddenly passed away, we put a hold on this service as he was very difficult to replace, both from a mental aspect and a service level. In early 2018 we started to recruit digital marketing personnel to run our own internal campaigns for all of the above companies. With this, clients saw the increase in our social media and just how good it was, so we started providing work for 2 of our close partners who we provide IT support services for, under the thought of the more successful they are, the more IT they will require!

Carden Digital was born.

We would like to express however that we are keeping this service to our friends and clients, as we want to provide a more personal service, in that when we write about our clients, we know them well as we manage their IT systems, know their teams etc. We do however also offer free social media campaigns to businesses younger than 6 months with a low social presence, subject to conditions or course. In other words, we want to help new business with low funds get started, rather than investors with already heavy pockets :)

If any of these services are of interest to you, then please feel free to get in touch, or 01273 552 059

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