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Dave King is the Co-Founder and Director of Carden IT Services and the wider Carden IT Group. Dave has over 18 years’ experience in business IT networks with a focus on IT consultation and disaster recovery planning/testing.

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Oh No! Your Dark Web Scan Results Made You :( Our Advice on Securing Your Passwords

The dark web – the place where cyber-criminals conduct their business, anonymously. Part of the dark web holds the results of the compromises of many of the websites that you used or even still use today. This data can be names, date of births, addresses, booking information and at worst but highly likely credit card information and passwords. A regular dark web scan is recommended, and if you have received a dark web scan, and found your email addresses and regular passwords all over the report, you need to take action. Here are our recommendations on how to proceed from here.

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Introducing The Carden IT “Cyber Resilience” Package

The problem

Although cyber-crime is increasing significantly, there is no real understanding of how much, unless you are an IT technician or a victim. These same IT technicians and victims also understand the damage that is caused by a cyber breach. If you find your IT team are putting pressure on you to be more cyber aware and invest in cybersecurity, thank them for being proactive!

Carden IT Services are here to let you know of the potential dangers. It’s up to you to choose the level of protection for your business and our packages have been built to deliver just this. We present, you choose, we deliver.

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